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  • 01 2023-07
    Stainless steel coil manufacturers cutting requirements

    Stainless steel coil This product has great precautions in cutting, the following will be specific for us to introduce: 1, can choose mechanical or technical me...

  • 01 2023-07
    Stainless steel coil

    Stainless steel industrial pipe, ultra-long coil, U-shaped tube, pressure tube, heat exchange tube, fluid tube, spiral coil product features: high temperature s...

  • 01 2023-07
    Several features of stainless steel coil

    Stainless steel coil has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber and other thermal energy industries, is an indispensable part of industrial equipment, ...

  • 01 2023-07
    Maintenance method of stainless steel coil

    The dust on the stainless steel coil should be wiped off with a rag every half month, the process of the stainless steel coil determines its limited performance...

  • 01 2023-07
    Coiled tubing tow winch

    Product characteristics Customized design, a variety of skid combinations can be selected to meet the requirements of offshore platform lifting and land hauling...

  • 01 2023-07
    Stainless steel sensor test cable

    When the set pressure is reached, the downhole safety valve and the exhaust valve of the overwire packer are opened at the same time, and the oil and gas well c...

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Jiangsu Laihua Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd
Jiangsu Laihua Petroleum Equipment Co., LTD., founded in 2022. With the production of high pressure special stainless steel control pipeline (stainless steel coil) as the leading direction, it has become a domestic R & D, production and sales company. In 2000, the company successfully developed a series of stainless steel test cables. In recent years, the company is committed to the development and production of dual-phase steel, nickel-based alloy control pipeline, and has been widely recognized by the market.The company covers an area of 2000...
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